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Admission requirements to vocational education and training

The most common entry requirement for most vocational schools is a vocational certificate or journeymans certificate. Students can also enter some vocational school courses with general study skills, completed and passed upper secondary education in a vocational subject or with practical skills. For the 3-year vocational course: on some vocational school courses, the students can apply for admission without a vocational certificate or journeyman certificate if they have completed and passed upper secondary education. For real competence: it is also possible to apply for a number of vocational school courses with background in practical skills. However, some vocational school courses require professional approval, authorisation, or certification. Students cannot apply for these vocational school educations with background invocational training. For general study skills: many vocational school courses can also be applied for with a background in general study skills.

Each individual vocational school decides for itself which professional or which journeyman certificate, or which professional competence, meets requirements for admission to its courses. Individual vocational schools also have their own rules for what qualifies as real competence for their studies. The same course may therefore have different requirements at different vocational schools. Some vocational schools also have special admission requirements. Students can apply for many of the vocational school courses via Samordna opptak. As regards to other vocational school courses, which do not have an application via Samordna opptak, students must contact each individual vocational school. An overview of all approved vocational school educations can be found at NOKUT website. The training offices can also provide the information on admission requirements for vocational schools within their industry.
has an updated overview of all training offices in Norway.

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